Phlippen Recipes

Reg's Beer Batter Phlippen Chicken Burger

Reg's Beer Batter Phlippen Chicken Burger is not only a masterpiece, but also a Phlippen tongue twister!

Jay's Phlippen Bolognese

Jay's fast & easy-to-make Phlippen Bolognese Sauce is the perfect meal for anyone who wants to whip up a meal that's not only fast, but full of...

Darren's Portobello Mushrooms

Darren's 3 Cheese Portobello Mushrooms is the perfect meal to get the Phlippen taste buds going!

Jay's Phlippen Jerk Chicken Dip

Check out one of Jay's Phlippen staples - the Jerk Chicken Dip! Perfect for a party or when watching the big game. 

The #1 Phlippen Salad Dressing

This ready to go & easy to make Phlippen Salad Dressing is to die for & will take over your current dressing lineup.