Phlippen Recipes

Phlippen Tuna Sandwich

We're not kidding when we say it's that Phlippen Easy! These Phlippen Tuna & Cheese sandwiches are great for parties, football Sundays & fo...

Skewered Phlippen Grilled Potatoes

These Skewered Phlippen Potatoes can go with any main!  INGREDIENTS> 2 pounds red potatoes, quartered> ½ cup water> ½ cup light mayonnaise...

Smoked Phlippens Mac & Cheese

This Smoked Phlippens Mac & Cheese will change your life! Check this out ... INGREDIENTS > Phlippens OG or Smoked Hot Sauce> Macaroni Noo...

Phlippens BLT

It doesn't get much easier than this. This Phlippen BLT is a game changer! Try it out for yourself.

Smoked Phlippen Wings

These Phlippen chicken wings will be the Phlippen party starter!

Phlippen Steak & Eggs Breakfast

This is the perfect Phlippen recipe for all you breakfast lovers!

Spicy Phlippens Portobello Burger

For all of our Phlippen Vegan Friends. Try this Phlippen amazing portobello mushroom burger recipe!

The #1 Phlippen Salad Dressing

This ready to go & easy to make Phlippen Salad Dressing is to die for & will take over your current dressing lineup.

Some Phlippen Hummus!

Drop what you're doing and try this Phlippen Hummus Recipe!

The Classic Phlippen Caesar!

Ever wondered how to make the perfect Phlippen caesar?