Phlippen Family Pack

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3 X 375 mL

Our Phlippen family has grown, so our Phlippen Family Pack let's you try all three of our flavours. Each box comes with 1 bottle of Phlippens Original Smoked Sauce, 1 bottle of Phlippens Hot Smoked Sauce, and 1 bottle of our NEW Phlippens Sweet Heat Sauce.

Handcrafted in small batches in Kitchener, Ontario, Phlippen premium sauces are naturally smoked with Furtado Farms cook wood, EBY FAMILY Natural Honey and the finest of local ingredients. Now, this is not your ordinary condiment, in fact, Phlippens is proud to be a little different. Phlippen’s sauces feature complex layers of flavours: sweet, hot, smoky and tangy. Whether it’s on meat, vegetables, pizza or a sandwich. 

Gluten free.