Phlippens Saucscription

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You asked and we listened. So now we are introducing the Phlippens Saucscription! A box of sauces custom made (by you) and sent to you on a recurring basis -  We want to make sure you never run out!

Ever since our sauce family has grown, some of you have been asking for a way to build a box of your own favourites and to have it show up on your door-step on a regular basis. So we did just that! 

How does it work?

Well we're glad you asked! All you have to do is tell us:

  1. How Many Jars do you Want in Your Box? Select how many jars you want in your recurring box using the Size dropdown
  2. How Many Boxes of Jars do you Want? Select how many boxes of jars you want for each recurring period. Most people choose just 1 for their own household, and others choose multiple so they can share their boxes as they see fit!
  3. How Often do you Want your Box(es) of Jars? Choose how often you want us to send your box in the "Select your order interval" section
  4. Which Jars do you Want in Your Box? Then click the "Click HERE to select your sauces" button to build your box!