Spicy Phlippens Portobello Burger

You're definitely going to have to try this VEGAN FRIENDLY Phlippen dish! 

> Phlippens Smoked Hot Sauce
> Portobello Mushrooms
> Avocados 
> Carrots
> Cucumbers 
> Limes
> Salt
> Pepper
> Buns or Sourdough


Step 1: Marinate and generously spread Phlippens Smoked Hot Sauce on the Portobello Mushrooms

Step 2: Make the Cucumber ribbon salad by thinly peeling the cucumber with a vegetable peeler. Add sesame oil & seeds to taste. 

Step 3: Repeat "Step 2" but this time with Carrots. 

Step 4: Make a guacamole out of the avocados with some fresh lime juice, salt & pepper to taste. 

Step 5: Start with your bun, add guacamole, Phlippen Portobello Mushroom, Cucumber salad, carrot salad, and spread a dash of Phlippen on the top bun. 

Step 6: Phlippen ENJOY!