Phlippen Steak & Eggs Breakfast

You're going to LOVE this super fast & Phlippen delicious breakfast recipe ... 

> Leftover (or Fresh) Steak 
> Potatoes
> Cherry Tomatoes 
> Eggs
> Phlippens Original or Phlippens Jerk 
> Garlic 
> Green Onions 
> Mushrooms
> Salt
> Pepper

Step 1: Chop up potatoes into hash brown size bites & pan fry with garlic, salt & pepper. 

Step 2: Once Potatoes are finished, throw in leftover steak (or fresh) & fry to desired temperature. 

Step 3: Scramble and cook eggs & once finished, throw into the cast iron pan with the steak and potatoes. 

Step 4: Throw in some diced cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, chopped green onions & some Phlippen OG or Phlippen Jerk & stir. 

Step 5: Phlippen ENJOY with a cup of Phlippen Joe!

Recipe From: @canadianrumsmokerandco